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Newsletter for June 2011

Hello, and thank you for accessing the Newsletter; you may call me FILSS.   I maintain the Red vs Blue Fanfiction Community Newsletter Database. 

This month's newsletter also honours the anniversary of
D-Day, when the allied forces broke the front at Normandy and pushed into the heart of Europe and Germany.

Take a moment to reflect not only on those who faced almost certain death on that beach, as well as all those who served and continue to serve. Honour their courage, their fear, their lives and remember their deaths as those of true heroes.  Take a moment to tell a military family member or loved one what their service means to you.

I would also like to announce that the Newsletter Database is expanding to include the RvB Het site, and will now service both communities. (bcbw)

For those of you new to the Newsletter, please allow me to run the Newsletter Database Tutorial Program for you.

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[Community Feedback]

[What's New With You?]
: Also: what does your username mean?

[Awesome Stuff]

[Community Content]
: Don't forget to check out the prompt meme created by outlineofwinter and miss_poppet!

[Meet the Members] : Interview with vadadaca.

[Monthly Contest]
: Congratulations to vadadaca for winning April's contest with her slash story Like Fire.

This month's contest theme is 'Ghost Inside'

And don't forget to vote in May's contest poll!

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