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filss in rvb_het

Newsletter for July 2011

Hello, and thank you for accessing the Newsletter; you may call me FILSS.   I maintain the Shotgun's Lap and RvB Het Newsletter Database.

Unfortunately, due to a corruption in my database, I am unable to provide you with a full newsletter at this time.  I will be sure to correct this problem before the next issue.  In the mean time, here are the entries available.

Accessing entries: July 2011...

[Community Feedback] : A dedicated place where you can communicate with the Mods, though you are by no means confined to this as your only means.

[What's New With You?] : Also: Who is your favorite character?

[Awesome Stuff]

[Community Content]
: Don't forget to check out the prompt meme created by outlineofwinter and miss_poppet!

[Meet the Members] : Error - File Missing

[Monthly Contest] : Congratulations to flaarda for winning May's contest with her slash story The Key.

There were no entries for June's contest.

The contest theme for July is: Vacation.

HET NEWS:  For the posters in the RvB Het community, I believe I have discovered the source of the tagging problem.  Only tags currently in use appear to be showing up on the main page.  There are many more tags added to the system that are not showing up.  If you post an entry, use the 'Select Tags' option, or attempt to add a tag you believe is applicable.  If the tag still does not show up, please post a request to have the tag added and we will ensure it is done.  Thank you for your understanding as we continue to work out the bugs in the system.

Also, with the release of the latest episode, I believe we are now caught up with the attendees of RTX.   I am excited to see what fresh inspirations will come out of the new season!

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