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glitterrainbow5 in rvb_het

Title: The Twins
Pairing: North/South
Rating: M? R? There's smut.
Warnings: Character death and incest (The first part only hints at it, the last half is more detailed. You've been warned). It's also my personal opinion of what ''really happened'' when Meta attacked the two (This is the first half, the one with only hinted romance going on). 

It was utter hell. Everything had just seemed to go from bad to worse over the last few months. The Freelancer program was going all to hell. Maine had snapped, he seen it first hand the madness that took over the large man. He was killing their friends for the AIs. He was so glad South didn't have one. 

North seen what it was doing to her though, knowing he had one and she didn't. It was one thing after another with them, he could swear the Director was at the root of this. Kept pushing her the way he knew would wreck both her and their relationship, making her jealous of her own twin brother. It broke his heart every time he ranked in above her, or that he got the AI. He was glad that Maine didn't have a motive to go after her for one, but it still bothered him how they were being played against each other.

He didn't linger on those thoughts right now. Not with Maine- Meta as he was called now, was hunting them all. No recovery mission was safe anymore. They were being followed, and though South was adamant about fighting him head on, North didn't think that was the best idea. He didn't want her hurt. 

And then it happened. All too sudden and terrifying, growling and violence attacking. They fought him best they could, but they were no match. He knew it. 

North grabbed his sister, yanking her out of danger and ordering her to leave. She wouldn't of course, she could never let it be easy. He did the only thing he could do, knock her out. He laid her down gently and returned to the fight against his old friend, knowing that once the Meta got the AI, he'd leave. He knew he wasn't going to walk away from this fight, but at least South could. 

As predicted, he was fatally wounded. It wasn't instant, he fought every last urge to give up and let death take him. Eventually, thankfully, Maine finished with him, taking his armor enhancement and AI and leaving him to die. North dragged himself to his twin's limp body, helmet being fumbled off and a bloody mess spilling onto her armor. His pale face smiled though, faintly. She was alive and she'd be spared. That's all that mattered to him. He was tempted to remove her helmet, wanting to see her face one more time. But he resisted. He didn't have the strength to pull it back on for her, and he didn't want to chance her getting hurt because of it while she was unconscious. 

Instead, he just rested his cheek to her stomach, a gloved hand taking one of her's and lacing their fingers together. North sighed, eyes teary and breaths becoming weaker. His mind drifted between different memories, mostly of her and their childhood, their lives together. And darkness. It kept seeping in between the fleeting thoughts, trying to take him.

His mind focused on a few memories in particular. Torrid ones that only he and South knew of. A smile formed on his face as he let his eyes shut, clinging to one line of memories as he steadily slowed his breathing.


(The following parts are that memory he's got going, this is the in depth incestuous parts.)

It was a fuzzy memory at first, but once he managed to latch on to the flitting images it came together clear enough.

It wasn't their first time together, that had been too long ago to remember when he was of clear mind, but it held more meaning than he could have imagined when he kissed her that evening. Their ranks had just been switched, he was above her. He was marked, on a rank list, as being better than her. He knew it pissed her off, everyone knew that. But maybe only he knew how much it had hurt her deep down.

They had always been twins, the same thing, the same rank. She had been so happy when she surpassed him the first time. He didn't care. He ranked on the top part of the list, that was all he cared about with his own ranking. He was happy though, for her. She was so proud. It hurt her so badly that he had ranked higher. 

"South, it's just a rank." He had said, a pained expression as she looked at him like that.

"No. It's not just a rank goddamn it! You don't understand! You never understand!" She screamed at him, tears of frustration and hurt streaming down her cheeks. "You've always been the best! I have to at least be equal, but I should be higher! Better! I can't lose my ground now!"

"Shh, come here." North said tenderly, fighting the pushing hands so he could wrap strong arms around her. "It's alright. You'll make it up next mission." He kissed her forehead, a hand rubbing down her back and along the seam of her underarmor as it curved along her spine. 

"Next mission?! It doesn't matter!" Came the not quite as harsh voice, South finding it hard to do more than relax into her brother's touches. "It's too late. Everyone already sees me as a failure."

"No one thinks that." He assured as he kissed the bridge of her nose, his free hand moving up to brush her blonde hair back, thumb lingering along her similarly scarred cheek. "You've always been the better of us, and the most beautiful."

"Flatterer." She smiled as she leaned into his touches, eyes shutting at the brush of his lips. 

"Only speaking the truth." A grin given to her as he kissed each of her cheeks then her mouth, pressing tenderly against her lips as the hand on her back pulled her closer. 

South smiled again into the kiss, nipping North's bottom lip tenderly as her arms finally wrapped around his waist and she pushed eagerly into his lips. She sucked at his tongue as he pressed to her mouth, her back arching faintly as she ground herself against him.

North groaned softly as she pressed to him, the feel of her curves through her skin tight underarmor against his likewise clad body making him shiver. He cradled her face, thumb rubbing over her cheekbone as he kissed her deeper, leaning into each of her touches to his sides and hips. 

She wasted no time in groping his ass, thin fingers feeling along his strong torso and up to the zipper to start removing the underarmor. The undersuit was peeled back, her fingertips brushing along the warm skin of his chest, nails scratching gently. The moan he gave pulled a smile from her once more, her lips pulling from his to work over his neck.

The male twin groaned yet again, his head lulling to the side at the wet mouth on his flesh. His wide palms pressed up her sides, moving to help work off her own undersuit to expose her bound chest and soft skin.

Before long, both of their undersuits were peeled off and joining the pile of previously removed armor. North groped her breasts softly through the wraps before he started pulling those off as well, freeing her chest so his warm hands could cup them better. He squeezed again, thumbs rubbing over her nipples and teasing the sensitive nub. 

Already she could feel the ache building in her for him, the hands on her chest making her moan outright and arch her back, light eyes looking at her brother's face before kissing him again. She nudged him back to his bed, tripping and fumbling their way over until she was able to shove him back into the pillows. 

''Eager, South?" He teased, breathing heavily as he squirmed to get comfortable, his erection standing at attention and precome already started to bead at the head. His eyes watched her as she moved closer, a loving but quite lustful gaze on her as she crawled up his body. 

"Not the only one, brother." She smirked as she kissed along his hips and stomach, biting at his ribs and pulling a gasp from him before she finally moved to his neck, her thighs on either side of his hips. Her hips rolled against his cock, not taking him in yet, just rubbing so the firm head would rub between wet folds, grinding against the shaft with her clitoris. 

"S-South-!" He cried out as she teased him. She knew that drove him crazy, made it hard for him to think or even breathe. His hands touched up her thighs, shaky as one settled on her hip, the other on her breast again. He kneaded the flesh, again teasing her hard nipple as his head pressed back into the pillow, trying to arch his hips to penetrate her.

"Shh, not so loud." A slight laugh in her voice, but the threat of discovery was real. She didn't want someone to overhear them, they already almost got caught before in the showers and the locker room. Not that her following moan was any quieter, the gasping pleasured sound breaking from her lips as he thumbed her nipple. 

He couldn't take anymore. The hand on her hip moved to grab the base of his cock, pressing so it'd at last go into her. The tight, wet heat made his breath catch in his throat, his arms wrapping around her torso and his shoulders lifting off the bed. His face buried against her chest, eyes shut tight as she sank slowly down over his erection. The sound of her own moans made him shudder, his face rubbing between her breasts before he moved to press kissing along the curve of one, mouth catching her nipple with his lips. 

"Fuck! Goddamn, North- Jesusfuck!" She cried out, head falling back and mouth hanging open as she settled flush on his cock. Her back bowed and her toes curled against the blanket, her hands clawing at his back lightly and tangling up into his hair. Her hips didn't waste a second in moving, bucking slowly at first and moaning again.

North just smiled against the mouthful of breast, teeth grazing her nipple and tongue flicking over it as he held her tighter. His eyes pried open to look up at her, watching her face as she cried out in pleasure for him. His hips met her movements, eagerly thrusting into her over and over. 

South tightened her hand in North's hair, growling out a few more moans. She moved her hands to his shoulders and pushed him onto his back, lips pulling into a smile as she started to ride him harder. She felt his hands grip her hips and back to her ass, squeezing the cheeks and helping her fuck faster. Her hands settled to his chest, hair a mess and in her face as she leaned over him to get a better angle. 

"I love you." He whispered up to her, his hips bucking against her as his hands held her ass. He squeezed the round cheeks, fingers caressing her ass as he pounded up into her. One hand again moved, dropping down to rub at her clit with his thumb as his cock thrust in and out of her. He was close to his own climax, and he knew she'd be pissed as hell if he finished first. 

"Shut up." She returned the whisper, a smile on her lips though as she watched him under her. She knew he loved her, and that he knew she loved him too. She didn't think it needed to be said. It didn't linger in her mind though as she fucked him, feeling her body tighten around his cock at the touch to her clit, the sensitive spot being stimulated only further fueling her to move. It wasn't long before her bucking hips faltered then stilled, her body freezing up as she orgasmed hard, shaking all over as she fell to his chest.

North's arms wrapped up around her torso, heels of his feet digging into the bed so he could continue fucking her. He came soon after, his arms squeezing around her a bit as his hips stilled up against her then bucked slowly, lazily as he milked his orgasm. His whole body stopped moving after a little bit, his chest rising and falling with deep breaths and his hands rubbing over her back the only continued movement. 

"Feeling better?" His voice tired now as he looked down at her face, a smile meeting his gaze. He loved that smile. It was an approving one, a really, truly happy one. One that made him know he was loved by her as much as he loved her, that she was happy with him even with all the problems going on around them. Through anything they always had each other, in a way no one else ever had anyone. Not like this. Twins in love, no one needed to ever know. 


As the darkness started to take over his thoughts, North smiled that same smile as South's had been in that memory. He was with his sister in the end, knowing that, at least for right now, she was safe and well. He wished he could make sure she stayed that way, but he knew that with the darkness and cold washing over him, she'd be on her own. He pressed a bloodied kiss to her stomach, fingers squeezing against her hand again as the other wrapped around her, hugging into her tighter before he blinked a last time, fading into death silently.