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Dec. 28th, 2010

lightning cat


New kid on the block

Name: Kyrianne (Kyri, Ky), or Neko. Either works.
Favorite pairing: I'm partial to Church/Tex or Sarge/Tex but Lopez/Sheila is cute, too.
Reason for pairing: Well, two of them are canon, and Sarge/Tex is just a really interesting mix of powerplay.
What Pairing Squicks You: None, really, if it's written well.

I come bringing a short little Church/Tex drabble I wrote because someone on an RT thread was teasing me and saying I was incapable of writing anything but slash. Written totally off-the-cuff into the reply box.

Title: Broken
Pairing: Church/Tex
Rating: PG, toeing the line into PG-13 because it's an implied sex scene

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Dec. 14th, 2010



Sexy Isn't A Crime?

Title:  Sexy Isn't A Crime? Part 1/2
Rating: R
Pairing: Wash/Sister
Summary:  Part one of Primalreligion's (late) birthday present.

Since I didn't get any particular requests, I just went with something I hope will make you giggle.  ;)

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Oct. 6th, 2010

Church, Tex


Four more oneshots

 I've been fairly consistent with my writing oneshots for the Lover-100 challenge. Here are four more for your enjoyment:



Past Decisions

Free Together

Caboose - OH CRAP.


Another post.

 Title: You are what you eat
Pairing: Caboose / Tex
Prompt: Sugar Cube
Word Count: 1931
Rating: PG / Fluff.

A different change of pace from my last fic, huh?Collapse )

Sep. 3rd, 2010

Church, Tex


First three ficlets!

 As promised, fics based on prompts from the Lover-100 challenge:


A Simple Question

Before the Reveal

Aug. 28th, 2010

Church, Tex


(no subject)

Hi, I'm the new girl. Uh... 

I guess I should tell you a little about myself. :D

Name: Martienne (or Marti, if you wish :)
Favorite OTP: Church/Tex
Reason for OTP: It's just how loyal he is to her, and how he wants to protect her even though she would kick his ass for trying.
Other Favorite Pairings: Simmons/Sister is a lot of fun. You can practically see Simmons's facial expression when he sees her on the monitor in the caves. He's been so deprived.
What Pairings Squick You: Rape fics. Sorry, some lines you don't cross. DX I'm also not big into slash. Most of it seems forced to me, especially when it's written about characters who are so clearly het (like Church, Simmons, and Tucker). I know there's a such thing as bisexuality, but slash does nothing for me, so I do nothing for it. XP

I am writing a series called The Origins Trilogy. It's a whole background story on Director Church and his lost love, and how the Alpha and Tex came to be. Part one, White Knight, has already been completed. Here are some links for you:

White Knight at Fanfiction.net
White Knight at RvB Society

I've just started posting ficlets for the Lover100 challenge. I've mainly decided to do so because I couldn't fit every single element of the background that I had constructed into the main trilogy. As of now my intentions are that every ficlet I will be writing for the challenge will be under this framework. So if you are interested in the background story I'm expanding on in these ficlets, it's all there in White Knight. I'll start posting links to the ficlets here soon.

I have been following this community anonymously for a while. Now I can go through and put some of my favorites I've found here into my memories. Yay!

Aug. 1st, 2010



Stumbled upon this community, and as a het lover, I had to join.

Name: Taylor or Zoey
Favorite OTP(One True Pairing): ChurchxTex
Reason for OTP: God, they're so perfect. They have so many flaws and so many good things about them. They just click. They're really the only main characters that have a history. And they're canon, which makes them awesome!
Other Fav. Pairings: TuckerxSister, DocxSister, SimmonsxSister, CaboosexSheila, SimmonsxAny Computer thing, and YorkxCarolina. Oh, and DirectorxWoman he loved
What Pairing Squicks You: SargexAnyone but his shotgun. Seriously, wtf. Sarge can't love anything but war. And weapons. And robots. You get my drift.

I'm currently working on a pre-Blood Gulch fic about Tex and Church's experiences while she's training for Project Freelancer. But I want to finish a few chapters before I post one, so I'll probably start soon. Thank you for listening or something. Reading, yeah, reading...

Jul. 3rd, 2010

lock and key


It's a holiday weekend!

For those of us in the States, anyhow.

Title: Slow Dancing in a Burning Room
Author: agent_florida
Pairing: Wash/South
Rating: R for language.
Summary: Everything has to end sometime, but neither of them thought it would come to this.

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Jun. 11th, 2010

[RvB] Asshole/Bitch OTP


10 sentences meme - Church/Tex

I just realized I never posted these here, even though I really should have. This was part of a meme you've probably all seen, where someone tells you a character or pairing and you have to write ten sentences based on the ten genres specified by the meme. I was given Church and Tex, though as you will see, I sort of took some liberties as to which iteration of Church and Tex I was writing about at any given moment. Eheh. Because being straightforward is just no fun.

Oh, and as a heads up, one of the prompts is "smut", so, you know, that's sort of R-rated.

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Jun. 10th, 2010

lock and key


Intro + Drabble

I joined rvb_het a while ago but never posted an intro, I guess. I'm trying to bring some content here - got this drabble, two Wash/South in the works, and another Church/Tex hanging out somewhere on my hard drive.

Name: agent_florida, though flaarda works just fine.
Favorite OTP: I'm a sucker for Wyoming/Tex right now, actually.
Reason for OTP: I'd like to think he was one of the guys she was screwing around on Church with. Their dynamic is also great.
Other Favorite Pairings: Church/Tex, Omega/Tex, Wash/South, Doc/Sister - but I like pretty much everything.
What Pairings Squick You: Nothin'. I'll read everything.

And without further ado, here's a little drabble.

Title: Fix You
Author: agent_florida
Pairings/Characters: Caboose/Sheila, Tex
Rating: G
Summary: Short little ‘drabble’ (~300 words) in response to necro_omen13’s challenge from my iteration of the ‘make me suffer’ meme. Caboose is mired in his Build a New Best Friend Project and decides to make something nice for Sheila.

That's very kind of you, Caboose.Collapse )

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