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RvB Het

Ten guys for every girl...

RvB Het/Gen
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This is a community for fanfiction and discussion of whatever het (heterosexual) pairings you can derive from the online series Red vs Blue. Feel free to post about just about anything!

If you'd like to introduce yourself, here!

Favorite OTP(One True Pairing):
Reason for OTP: (Completely optional line here)
Other Fav. Pairings:
What Pairing Squicks You:

(Squicks are like things that make you go, "OMG, WTF?! EW!")

And if you'd like to submit fanfiction, make sure to put it under a cut. :) Always post what pairing it is, warn for lemon content, an stuff.

This is a lovey dovey community. No flamewars. ^_^

So feel free to post whatever, as long as it's related to RVB Het. Community advertising is okay, as long as it's related to Halo or Red Vs Blue, and you only do it once per Community.

And letsee... oh yeah, feel free to just post random fangirl ranting about how your favorite pairing belongs together LOL. Its always interesting to see other people's POV on things. And if you have a random plot bunny stuck in your head and would like to get it out, feel free to post it. If I don't pick it up and fic it for you, chances are someone might.

Also, please note that I just took most of that from the profile for rvb_slash, the place where the idea for this community came up.